Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I has been absent. Oh so absent has I been.

But I have been arting like CRAZEH, so you guys get to reap the benefits. Or ... not. See if I care.

Dylan, new character who is supposed to be rather androgynous. Go ahead, guess his/her gender, I dare you!

Detective Jasper Tully, and his little bat, Sullivan. I wanted to show off his "scars" a bit:

Fanart for the wonderful Aimee, of her character, an AU Civil War vet who thinks he's Stonewall Jackson. SO BRILLIANT. I NEED TO DO ART OF HIM THAT DOESN'T SUCK.

Some doodles of a new character named Kohl Ihatov, an autistic artistic narcoleptic synesthete (say it five times fast):

(Also, Kohl's boyfriend, Nolan. Who is adsfjkl;adorable and belongs to Tessa.)

Speaking of Tessa, since Nolan actually is gay and a lawyer, I thought this was an appropriate manip to make:

I blame Lyndz.

I'm sorta fascinated by the idea of young parents lately (biological clock, mebbe?) and I think devoted dads are ADORABLE, especially ones who don't look the part, and that gave rise to yet another new character, Zeke, and his cutie toddler, Munroe:

The first Munroe has considerably more hair, but I decided to give her one of the puffy little kidhawks that are so popular over here. They're awesome. Feel it. Also, there's a snuggly NolanKohl and a Young!Kohl in that first pic. In case you couldn't figure that out.

And another new character(OHGODICAN'TSTOP), Eamon. He's a war veteran.

Chicks dig scars/missing limbs. At least, this chick does.

More Imber RP-related stuff, because yes! It's still going!

Duke Julius Covelle, his wife, Duchess Noa (who belongs to Lyndz), and the Inlaws Of Doom:

You'd think your parents would approve of a marriage they arranged for you, but there's just no pleasing some people.

Silas Penner, prominent politico, who will hopefully be causin' some good trouble soon:


Some Bennett-love, because... they need it. Lane used to be so pretty. *tear* And WOW, I finally drew a Kelsey that I don't hate! Also, d'aww, bebe!Dominic. YOU CAN'T RESIST IT.

Second one is a lame attempt at one of those fake screencaps, which I love. I don't know why I draw young!Lane in dresses so often. She is decidedly anti-dress. I guess she just cleans up well.

Crap, another new character, Martin, sculptor and gallery owner:

And here, as a special treat, an abortive comic attempt:

Aimee pointed out that Coyote in the last panel is dressed too similarly to Presley in the preceeding panels, and I cried and gave up. I'm weak. *hangs head*

And finally... MORE NEW CHARACTERS. These two were hand-delivered to me by my subconscious (via a really awesome-if-creepy dream), designs, backstory, personality and all. They may as well have had a big sparkly bow on them:

I won't say much about them yet aside from the fact that their names are Gray and Andre, and their psychology is fascinating. I need to do something with them. Oh yes.

That's all for now. Someone really needs to stop me from making even more new characters, I'm addicted to their creation lately.