Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I wish they'd come in so I could throw them out.

China was blocking Blogspot again but now it's back so you get MOAR ARTS. YUSS.

Yvie's making me re-design my old Sonic chars as humans:

Stupid Fary-Como thing. So ugly but I am entertained by the idea that Como would steal a priceless work of art and then come home and eat all of Fary's icecream.

Kelsey is still scandalized by his wife and son's sailor mouths, even after spending 16 years in jail. THE BAD JAIL. This also amuses me to no end.

Style-test thing of Heck, Presley, and Belinda. Hojoy!

The King Brothers, being themselves.

Quick doodle of Veleno Leone, my mob assassin boy.

Wesson Fitzroy. He'll be going in the story with Heck and Presley.

These two aren't anything special, I'm just trying to teach myself to draw on the computer. FIRST THING I'VE EVER DRAWN 100% DIGITALLY. BE AMAAAZED.

And finally, fanart for Under Lock and Key, which launched this month and is COMPLETELY AWESOME AND OMFG GO READ RIGHT NOW. NOWWWW, DAMMIT.